History of Cremation Capital Campaign

Niche Wall Donation:


Donor will receive the souvenir urn in choice of blue, brown, green or the McKenzie classic. $40

Keepsake Donor

Donor will receive the small signature keepsake urn (red) and their name engraved on the Keepsake Donor Plaque displayed on the donor wall of the exhibit.

Urn Donor

Donor will receive the large signature urn (red) and their name engraved on the Urn Donor Plaque displayed on the donor wall of the exhibit.

Support the History of Cremation Exhibit, opening 2018

The National Museum of Funeral History and the Cremation Association of North America have teamed up to create the History of Cremation exhibit, set to open in 2018, which means you have the opportunity to leave your mark as a financial contributor to the exhibit. We are also accepting artifact donations to tell the story of the History of Cremation.

Plans for the new exhibit include the creation of a Donor Niche Wall, graciously provided by Carrier Mausoleum Co. Typically, a cremation niche is an aboveground burial space where a decedent’s urn containing their cremated remains is placed inside and sealed. In the spirit of this tradition, the Museum’s Donor Niche Wall provides a visual opportunity for industry to support the exhibit by sponsoring a niche on the wall, which will house an urn with the company’s name on it in recognition as a financial supporter of the exhibit.

Niche level contributions range from $1,500 - $5,000, depending on the size and location of the niche wall space, and can be personalized with promotional items and photographs. Another way for industry professionals to support the new cremation exhibit is by donating or loaning the Museum any artifacts, photographs, or other items that help tell the story of the history of cremation. 

To make a donation to the niche wall or to donate an artifact, please click here to download a donation form.