A Tribute to Roy Rogers

On display February 1 – December 31, 2018

The National Museum of Funeral History is proud to present a new special exhibit, A Tribute to Roy Rogers.

The Museum honors the memory of Roy Rogers, “America’s Favorite Cowboy,” renowned singing star of radio, television and film. The highlight of this new special exhibit is the 1963 Pontiac Bonneville convertible, the ultimate statement of cowboy chic, once owned by Roy Rogers.

Nudie Cohn designed this “you have to see it to believe it” automobile and gave the car to Roy Rogers as a token of their friendship. Nudie, known as “Nudie the Rodeo Tailor,” designed and made fabulous embroidered western wear with rhinestones for TV and motion picture personalities. Roy Rogers’ personal Nudie’s outfit is also featured in the exhibit.

The interior of “Roy’s Bonneville” is lined with hand-tooled leather. The top of the dash is encrusted with 150 silver dollars. To accommodate an extra front-seat rider, Nudie place a silver saddle between the bucket seats, decorated with rhinestones and 150 silver dollars on the black leather around the saddle seat. On the back of the front seats are two pistols and holsters and belts with bullets in case rustlers show up unexpectedly. That’s a lot of bling.