John Firestone

assets/uploads/images/first-last/about_bod_detail_img_220x220.jpg John Firestone serves as Vice President of the board of the National Museum of Funeral History.

He is the president of Pierce Chemicals Royal Bond Company and the former Chairman and CEO of Pierce Chemicals Royal Bond Company, Pierce Mortuary Colleges, Inc., Professional Training Schools, Inc., and former instructor with Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science.

Firestone has more than fifty years in the funeral industry, working as a child to help his grandfather put temporary grave marker nameplates together for a penny-per-piece to make some spending money. He continued working in the industry throughout his high school summers. He began his career with Pierce Chemical in July 1963 upon receiving a call from his uncle and company founder Bill Pierce the same day he was discharged from the Marine Reserves in which he’d enlisted after college, asking Firestone to come work full-time. Three days later, Firestone had packed his belongings, drove from Dallas to Atlanta, and began his full-time career with Pierce. Firestone worked in every department over his history with the company, from blending products to the shipping room to doing the books. He earned his place as chairman through many years of hard and dedicated work, helping guide the success of Pierce through product expansion and market growth.

Firestone also taught at the Pierce Mortuary Colleges, later serving as chairman and CEO and helping shape the curriculum to address the evolving needs of the funeral professional.

He also serves on the boards of National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Convention Committee, NFDA Funeral Service Environmental Working Group and Texas Funeral Directors Association.