Museum Rental Policies

General Rules / Laws

The Museum and its facilities are smoke free. Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas. When using the Museum facilities for events, all State and Federal laws must be obeyed by all in attendance and will be strictly enforced. All fire laws and facility regulations must be followed. For events with children/minors present, there must be a sufficient number of responsible adults on site to supervise the entire function. Prior to using any of the facilities, you must inform the National Museum of Funeral History if your organization is a private or governmental entity and has proper insurance.

Security Deposit

To reserve your event, the Museum requires a security deposit in the amount of $250. If your event is cancelled prior to 30 days before the event, the security deposit will be refunded. Following your event, your security deposit will be applied to your balance if the facility is properly maintained. If the facility is not properly maintained, if repairs are required after your event as a result of your event or if the facilities or grounds require extensive cleaning following your event, the security deposit will be retained and additional fees may apply.

Catering Deposit and Use of Kitchen Fee

Outside catering is permitted. However, please note—if an outside caterer is brought in and needs to use the on-site kitchen, or the renters need to use the kitchen in any capacity (even without an outside caterer), a $200 fee will be required. If the kitchen is returned to its original state and cleaned well after usage, the $200 may be applied to the overall balance due. However, if the facility and kitchen space is not properly maintained, if repairs are required after your event as a result of your event or the kitchen requires extensive cleaning following your event, the $200 kitchen fee will be retained and additional fees may be required. Renters are responsible for making arrangements for delivery and pick up of food/equipment from restaurant, etc. For a list of recommended restaurants and full-service caterers, refer to the Rent the Museum page. Renters are responsible for ensuring all areas used are properly cleaned and maintained throughout its use by their group or any catering company they may hire.

Security Requirements During Events

A representative of The National Museum of Funeral History will determine appropriate security and responsibility requirements for each particular event regarding access to the facility in advance of hosting your event. These requirements pertain to the facility only. (See below for security responsibilities regarding serving alcoholic beverages on the premises.) The renting individual/party is responsible for the controlled access of the facility during which time they are within the facility outside the normal operating business hours. Normal business hours on weekends are Saturday 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday 12-5 pm.

Alcoholic Beverages

Renters must provide accredited bartender(s) to service the bar(s) in which alcoholic beverages will be served. There is to be no resale of alcoholic beverages on the premises. Additional security is required for events where alcohol is served; security must be provided by a contract security company providing a commissioned officer or law enforcement officer. The Museum has a contract security commissioned officer on staff who can be requested and booked through the Museum, based on availability, for $25 per hour.

Property Damage and Theft

Renters are responsible for any theft or damages to the property or injury to persons occurring on or about the grounds, buildings and facilities during the event. This includes loss, damage or injury caused by third parties present at the event.