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FAQ Page


How long does it take to tour the Museum?

It takes approximately 2-4 hours to tour all 15 exhibits, depending on the amount of time you take to read and observe the displays. Click here to see a map of the museum layout.

Is there an age limit for children? Is the Museum kid friendly/educational?

Yes, the Museum is generally recommended for children over the age of 7 and offers many educational opportunities. None of the displays are gruesome or spooky, however many displays feature coffins and caskets. The Museum is intended to be a historical, cultural and educational experience and we have hosted visitors as young as age 4. If you take a look at our photo gallery on the website, you can get a feel for the types of exhibits we have. We’re not intended to be a morbid or creepy place, and there are actually some very bright, colorful and pleasant displays here as well. The Museum is an excellent neutral place to introduce children to the concept of death, which is a natural part of life and nothing to be feared. Inevitably, we all have someone in our lives die, so when that does happen, it won’t be such a difficult concept to discuss if they’ve already been introduced to it at the Museum. Refer to our Education pages for more info.

Is the Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Museum is fully assessable for our patrons with disabilities.

Is parking free?

Yes, there is free parking on site.

Is the Museum self-guided?

Yes, the Museum is designed as a self-guided experience and visitors may tour the exhibits in any order they choose. Groups may prefer to schedule a tour with one of our docents, which includes the option to rent wireless headphones to aid in hearing the docent guide.

Is the Museum accessible to the blind/vision impaired and deaf/hearing impaired?

Special arrangements can be made in advance for visitors with impaired hearing or vision. Please contact the Museum to schedule a tour by calling 281.876.3063 or email

How can I donate items to the Museum?

Please see our Donate Artifacts page.

How do I request a media interview or schedule a time to come to the Museum for interviews, photographs, video shoots, etc.?

Please coordinate all media requests to Lydia Baehr,


Can the Museum accommodate groups at the last minute?

Groups can be accommodated without notice for self-guided touring of the exhibits, however guided tours require a reservation. We recommend reservations be made at least two weeks in advance for guided tours. Please call the Museum at 281.876.3063 regarding any short-notice group visits or to make advance reservations for guided group tours.

How many people and/or school children can be accommodated at one time for tours?

We recommend groups of up to 30 people per tour; however, exceptions can be made. For larger groups, several 30-person tours can be spaced out within the Museum and take place simultaneously. For groups with children, please ensure there is one chaperone per 10 children under age 16.


How long did it take for the Celebrating the Lives & Deaths of the Popes exhibit to open?

The Museum began collaborating with the Vatican in 2005 and the exhibit opened to the public in 2008, which means organizing and producing the exhibit took approximately three (3) years.

Does the Museum have any traveling exhibits?

Not at this time. The Museum frequently features temporary exhibits throughout the year, but typically none that travel to other venues.

How can I share my ideas for future exhibits?

Please email your ideas to

Does the Museum ever loan out artifacts to other museums?

Yes, please call 281.876.3063 to inquire about an inter-museum loan.

Can my organization use the Museum's images with permission?

Please refer to our Press section and contact Monica Rhodes, our public relations & marketing consultant, via email.

Can the Museum tell me how much my funeral-related item is worth?

No, we do not provide appraisal services.


How can my community group partner with the Museum on programming or events?

We love to collaborate with our community. Please contact the Museum by emailing

How can I request donations from the Museum, such as tickets or for silent auctions and door prize drawings, etc.?

Not at this time. The Museum frequently features temporary exhibits throughout the year, but typically none that travel to other venues.

Can I arrange for my local non-profit to have meetings at the Museum on a regular basis? Can this be done on a trade/barter basis, exchanging tickets to our events or advertising in our publication?

Yes, please call 281.876.3063 or email to inquire.

Can I rent the Museum for a private party or event?

Yes, refer to our Rent the Museum page.


Is there anyone at the Museum who can participate in career day?

Yes, please contact the Museum by calling 281.879.3063 or by emailing us at

Does the Museum have any internship or volunteer opportunities?

Yes, the Museum frequently has volunteer opportunities, including docent positions, as well as occasionally needing volunteer historians, curators and board members. See our Volunteer page for more info. Internships are awarded on a case by case basis. Anyone interested in an internship at the Museum should express their interest in writing by sending an email to


How can I submit a product to be considered for sale in the Museum’s gift shop?

Please email several photos and information about your product, including cost, minimum quantity required and price breaks for larger quantities. Samples are welcomed, but if you want your sample returned, please enclose prepaid packaging for return shipping. Email info and photos to or send items to 415 Barren Springs Drive, Houston, TX 77090-5918.


Where can I find information on or purchase older hearse models or flower cars?

A great resource for info on funeral vehicles (also known as professional cars) is the Professional Car Society. This organization hosts a website featuring numerous forums on topics related to funeral vehicles. Anyone can join the Friends of the Professional Car Society to be able to post questions to other members. Refer to their site for more info: You can also contact Gregg Merksamer, a member of Professional Car Society, via email,, or by phone, 845.986.6857.

How can I sell a vintage or historic hearse or other funeral car to the Museum?

The Museum does consider purchasing vehicles from time to time. Refer to the info listed on the Donate Artifacts page for instructions on contacting the Museum.


What sort of information is in the Museum’s historical library for those doing historical research?

For historical research, the Museum can make arrangements for access to the library at the neighboring mortuary school, the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services. Requests for library access are granted on a case-by-case basis. Please call 281.876.3063 or email to make arrangements. For those not able to visit the Museum or library, a staff may be able to do the research for you, but this will require some time to complete. If you are a journalist on deadline, please contact our publicist Monica Rhodes,

I am an American Civil War re-enactor looking at setting up a living history display of a civil war undertaker. Does the Museum have any related info or photographs?

Refer to the History of Embalming exhibit (in person if possible) or visit the page and photos for this exhibit.

Do you have any old coffin lining that is about to be thrown out or know of where I can get some old coffin lining?

In the past, funeral homes would receive “blank” or plain coffins that were then upholstered by hand according to the request of the family. However, nowadays casket linings are usually installed at the factory. You can get ideas on typical linings from casket manufacturers’ websites, such as Batesville and Aurora. Alternatively, you could use an old prom or wedding dress from Goodwill; customary linings were satin or velvet, came in all colors, and were draped, smocked or tucked.

Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
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Adults: $15
Seniors (55+) / Veterans: $12
Children (ages 6 to 11): $7
Children (5 and under): Free
SCI Employees:$10 with ID badge or business card

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